Growth through partnerships
Mission, Vision and Core Values
KLF is a subsidiary of SAFCOL whose sole shareholder is the Government of South Africa, represented by the Department of Public Enterprises.

Komatiland Forests is dedicated to growing its business in the forestry and forest products industry through technical and business excellence and sensitive customer service thereby achieving recognition as a leader and top performer in the forestry industry.

The company embraces a policy of equal opportunities, providing rewarding and challenging careers for all its employees and proactively ensuring employment equity within the organisation.

In its activities, Komatiland will ensure compatibility with the protection of the environment in which it operates and hence a green heritage for South Africa and a better future for all South Africans.

Komatiland Forests will be managed and developed in such a way that it will be recognised as a world class company in the timber industry.

Doing this it will:
  • Earn acceptable return for its shareholder
  • Be recognised a top employer
  • Promote innovation and technical excellence
Core Values
  1. Service Excellence
  2. Fairness
  3. Integrity
  4. Sustainable business practices
  5. Employment Equity

Aerial forest viewCommitment to the Environment
Komatiland Forest operates 18 commercial plantations comprising a total surface area of 187 320ha.In Mpumalanga, Limpopo and KwaZulu-Natal provinces. Of this, some 60 000ha consist of unplanted natural vegetation that comprises a mixture of prime grassland, indigenous forest and wetlands. Various Natural Heritage sites and National Monuments form part of these areas.

Komatiland is actively involved in various environmental and conservation forums under the auspices of Endangered Wildlife Trust and other conservation NGO’s with the objective of contributing to the conservation of our biodiversity. Various rare, threatened and endangered species occur on the forestry land and specific management regimes are implemented to the benefit of such species.

The public is allowed access to afforested land by means of a network of hiking trails, day-visitor sites and other ecotourism facilities.

Being a responsible forestry company, Komatiland adheres to the principles and criteria of the FSC. As part of its land stewardship ethic, the company strives continuously to improve its levels of environmental performance.

CommunityKomatiland in the Community
Sound and mutual beneficial relationships with the public at large as well as neighbouring communities are essential aspect in the sustainability of the company’s operations. Through regular and effective communication and transparency, Komatiland has embarked on various social investment projects and awareness programs to address specific needs identified in the communicated process.

Promote education through donating Computer Center’s, classrooms, day care center’s and Educare projects

Providing bridging classes to primary school learners
Adult Basic Education projects has been offered at all operational units since 2005
Komatiland is actively involved in the Campaign of Prevention of Abuse against Woman and Children.
Assist small business and entrepreneurs projects
Provide recreational facilities to local communities

Operations in Komatiland
  • 18 Commercial plantations
  • 2 Sawmills; Graskop and Makado
  • Training Centre
  • Nursery
  • Research Centre
  • Eco-tourism
  • Forestry Industry Museum
Komatiland Forests

Komatiland Forests (KLF) owns and manages the prime softwood saw log forestry assets in the Mpumalanga, Limpopo and KwaZulu-Natal provinces of South Africa and consists of 18 plantations covering a total area of 187 320,27 ha. Its main business is the conduct of forestry, timber-harvesting, timber-processing and related activities. The plantation stock consists of approximately 91% Pine, 7% Eucalyptus and 2% Acacia. KLF is one of the largest producers of high quality saw logs in South Africa. Its customer base includes the Timbadola Sawmill, a sawmill run by KLF, and other large as well as small processors located in and around its plantations.

KLF has a research centre and nursery that is currently managing various trial plots in several plantations across the Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Kwazulu-Natal provinces. The nursery produces plants for all of the plantations operated by KLF. An in-house training centre, Platorand, is located outside Sabie where various forestry related training courses for students and employees are performed. Through our eco-tourism facilities, the public has the opportunity to view the scenic natural locations around our plantations such as the waterfalls.