Prevention of fire

Prevention of fires during your hike


With the current dry and warm conditions in Mpumalanga and the Northern Province, the Danger of veld fires, are very real indeed. As a responsible Forestry and Eco Tourism Company, we need to urgently draw your attention to the following:


  • The combination of dry conditions, relative high temperatures and wind creates the ideal conditions for runaway veld-fires that pose a devastating threat to human life as well as forestry and agricultural stock and property. In this regard, Komatiland Forests (Pty) Ltd annually suffers losses worth millions of Rands.
  • Please take the utmost care to prevent any veld fires during your hike. In this regard, we rely on your integrity and responsible conduct.
  • Potential causes of veld fires are the discarding of cigarette butts, the making of too big fires at overnight huts during periods of strong winds and leaving fires at hiking huts unattended. Please ensure that your fire is properly put out when going to sleep.
  • Under no circumstances may any fire be made at any place not specifically designated for that purpose, in other words, only at the braai places of the overnight huts. In this regard we will have no option but to prosecute any hiker that does not adhere to this regulation.


Please report any fire / smoke to: 0860 NO FIRE


Lastly, we know our hikers to be responsible people that care for the natural environment and have the necessary “bush knowledge” to prevent the starting of such fires.


Please do not disappoint us. We trust that you will experience the true pleasure of hiking and return invigorated.