Building our success through transformation, innovation, and mutual beneficial partnerships

Being a world class, global business engaged in multi-functional forestry, revolutionising the integration of forests and communities.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to facilitate sustainable economic empowerment of communities and alleviation of poverty through:
• Implementing needs-driven interventions; and
• Becoming a partner of choice for land claimants.

We are dedicated to growing our business in the forestry value chain and maximising stakeholder value, through:
• Ensuring technical and business excellence by attracting and retaining the best people
• Enhancing the asset value by continuously pursuing innovative solutions
• Embracing and leading an all-inclusive equitable transformation of the South African forestry sector
• Commitment to meaningful partnerships with stakeholders
• Practising transparent and fair marketing
• Developing the downstream value chain and
• Environmentally responsible;

Therefore providing a green heritage, growth and socio-economic justice.

Core Values
• Passionate about our forests, communities, customers and people
• A social and environmental conscience
• Trust founded on integrity and loyalty
• Equality, fairness and empowerment
• Respect for diversity
• Focus on innovation and excellence

Board of Directors
Executive Directors:
Ms Nomkhita Mona (Chief Executive Officer)

Non-executive Directors:
Prof Somadoda Fikeni ( Interim Chairperson)
Mr Mohamed Kharva
Ms Felicity Clare Blakeway
Ms Khungeka Njobe
Ms Nondumiso Medupe