Building our success through transformation, innovation, and mutual beneficial partnerships

Being a world class, global business engaged in multi-functional forestry, revolutionising the integration of forests and communities.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to facilitate sustainable economic empowerment of communities and alleviation of poverty through:
• Implementing needs-driven interventions; and
• Becoming a partner of choice for land claimants.

We are dedicated to growing our business in the forestry value chain and maximising stakeholder value, through:
• Ensuring technical and business excellence by attracting and retaining the best people
• Enhancing the asset value by continuously pursuing innovative solutions
• Embracing and leading an all-inclusive equitable transformation of the South African forestry sector
• Commitment to meaningful partnerships with stakeholders
• Practising transparent and fair marketing
• Developing the downstream value chain and
• Environmentally responsible;

Therefore providing a green heritage, growth and socio-economic justice.

Core Values
• Passionate about our forests, communities, customers and people
• A social and environmental conscience
• Trust founded on integrity and loyalty
• Equality, fairness and empowerment
• Respect for diversity
• Focus on innovation and excellence

Board of Directors
Executive Directors:
Mr Gabrial Christiaan Theron (Harvey) (Acting Chief Executive Officer)

Ms Sakekile Baduza (Acting Chief Financial Officer)

Non-executive Directors:
Mr Rudolph Lungile Mabece (Chairperson)

Ms Caroline Phumzile Mavasana Ngwenya 

Mr Gabriel Christiaan Theron (Harvey)

Ms Nazia Carrim

Dr  Petrus Mbiji Mahlangu

Dr Pulane Elsie Molokwane

Mr Maroale Jacob Tanto Rachidi

Mr Stanley Mandla Mnguni