Our Lumber

We process our FSC®-certified softwood pine logs at our sawmilling operations into kiln-dried, high-quality graded lumber products


Buying Lumber from SAFCOL

  • We run an annual bidding process for pine and eucalyptus and all interested parties are given an opportunity to participate in this process in order to secure volume
  • We advertise our sales process widely across South Africa using our local
    newspapers, The advertisement is there to notify interested entities to register with SAFCOL before the sales process commences.
  •  All registered buyers are given an opportunity to bid for desired log volumes at preset prices.
  • Pine – Pricelist Auction (Base price)
  • Eucalyptus & Wattle – Price Quotation System (Reserved price)
  • Our Logs are sold at Roadside, Standing, and at Stump.
  • Volume is awarded to successful bidders for a twelve months period.


Softwood (Pine)

Pruned Logs

Hardwood (Eucalyptus)

Pulp Fibre
Mining Timber
Tree Lengths/Poles (OTHER)
Prime Logs


Tree Lengths

Freqently Asked Questions

What is do I need to do to purchase Logs from SAFCOL?

You need to have a registered company.

How do I register my company to purchase Logs from SAFCOL?

Contact our sales team.

How long does the registration process take?

Minimum of 7 working days (about a week)

Does Safcol provide me with transportation for Logs?

No, you need your owntransport for your timber.

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Elsina Mahlase (0838091339) – Elsina@safcol.co.za | Hendry Seteria (083 630 1651) – Hendry@safcol.co.za