Our People

Our people are our valuable asset, we say it often and with good reason. It is only with the determination and dedication of our people that drive the Company to become a world leader in the integrated forestry industry, to facilitate sustainable economic empowerment of communities and wealth creation.

SAFCOL is committed to interventions to create awareness, prevent and help manage HIV/AIDS, women and child abuse and the total wellness of employees. Our employees are the most valuable asset, therefore providing a wellness programme that will help ensure employee wellbeing and job satisfaction is necessary.  As an employee, most hours are spend at work, one needs an excellent environment that can influence a healthy life.


The goal of this program is to:

  • To reduce absenteeism and enhance productivity
  • To Increased Quality of Work life
  • Ensure a safer workplace for employees and the company
  • Ensure Legal compliance according relevant Legislation
  • Improved recording and reporting – meaningful data that can be used to address and manage specific trends / issues at individual site level
  • Headed up at corporate level – consistent management support on all wellness matters
  • Help employees manage their health goals and lifestyle choices


An integrated health care and wellness programme for SAFCOL employees exits that offers the following services:

Primary Health care

Limited number of consultations and medication.

Incapacity/ ill health management

Medical assessment and reporting in respect of possible medical incapacity.

Occupational health screenings

Pre-employment, periodical and post-employment screenings based on the Occupational Risk Exposure profile.

Injury on duty management

Treatment and rehabilitation of injuries

Employee assistance programme

Trauma counselling

Awareness programmes and training


Human Capital

Our mission is driven by our continuous focus and commitment to support the achievement of business strategy through high performing teams, attraction, development and retention strategies, thus ensuring that we have the best talent to achieve value added performance in our business.


Human Capital Programmes:

  • Job profiling, grading and evaluation exercise
  • Succession planning for Females and core positions
  • Performance Management system
  • Management of Health and Wellness
  • Policy Development
  • Learning and development
  • Governance, risk and compliance
  • Socio and Economic Development Programmes
  • Enterprise Development Programmes
  • Transformation and Forestry Charter
  • Shareholder compact


SAFCOL has over 1736 permanent and fixed term employees in South Africa, 538 employees in Mozambique and approximately 2,900 contractors.


The Human Capital Division was entrusted to drive measures and implement strategies aimed at achieving one of the company strategic goals, being to build, attract and retain skill thereby creating competent and talented workforce.  The Company continuously strived to achieve the status of being the employer of choice through application and implementation of best human resources practices and enhancing drivers to employee value proposition.


SAFCOL strives to create a conducive working environment that attracts talented diverse workforce.  The focus on transforming the workplace and promote equity and diversity, offer training, learnerships, skills development, ensure talent leadership development, succession planning, promote employees wellness and promote a healthy work-life balance. The aim is to create an HC structure and service delivery model that provides end-to-end services to the business. Apart from this, Human Capital aims to deliver value adding services to the executives and line management by engaging in more strategic conversations and working together in partnership to meet business challenges.


The shortage of scarce and critical skills has a medium to long-term impact on production and shareholders value.  It is therefore imperative to find alternative ways of ensuring that skills are coming through the talent pipeline. SAFCOL is investing in bursary provision to guarantee a continuous flow of talent in the critical and scarce skills category.

SAFCOL’s operations are located in impoverished communities, thus presenting an opportunity for us to play a role in the economic and social transformation of the communities. We pride ourselves with our Transformation Agenda which cuts across the three critical areas of development namely, community impact, resource mobilisation and, sustainability. All these are underpinned by the BBBEE Codes of Good Practice and, as a signatory to the Forestry Charter Council we are measured on the six pillars of Transformation relevant to our business.


The internal transformation function aims at closing gaps to help the organisation to continuously review its status and where necessary develop action plans aimed at improving its B-BBEE status. The B-BBEE status of the Group and that of its operational subsidiary KLF have been assessed against the Forestry Sector Codes and they have both continually attained a level 2 contribution status.


One area that remains critical is poverty alleviation and the eradication of high unemployment rate in the rural communities. It is important to be mindful of the political, social, economic and technological environment within which we operate. Business does not operate in isolation. We are equally influenced by both the internal and external factors which we have and don’t have control over respectively.

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