Berlin Falls

Berlin Falls

The Berlin Falls is 45m high and a national monument on the Panorama route in Mpumalanga; take a short walk to a vantage point for a magnificent view.

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Berlin Falls got its name from German miners who ventured to South Africa from Europe during the gold rush, and named each waterfall in the region after their home towns or places from their home countries.


You’ll quickly see why the falls are likened to a candle. The water pours through a natural sluice in the rock, plunges straight down for a few meters, then widens into a broad torrent which falls in a straight line down to the pool.


Stop at the curio sellers and shop for handmade arts and crafts made locally, including wooden bowls ,figurines and beautiful cloths.


In the Sabie/Graskop area, Mpumalanga


R10 p/p
R200 p/bus