Our Lumber

We process our softwood pine logs at our sawmilling operations into kiln-dried, high-quality graded lumber products 


Structural (SANS)

This product, specifically produced for structural use, is fully certified according to its strength properties, displaying the standardisation mark as per National Standard Specifications and for use in compliance with the National Building Regulations of South Africa.

Dimensions start from a minimum of 38mm thickness and 50mm widths with lengths from 3.0m and longer, mostly regularised or planed to even dimensions unless preferred as rough-sawn.

Typical applications include roof-truss manufacturing and timber frame structure construction.

  • S5P – Stress-graded to a working stress in bending of at least 5.2 MPa, P referring to planed product.
  • S7P – Stress-graded to a working stress in bending at least 7.2 MPa, P referring to planed product.

Non-structural & Appearance Grades

Varies in quality from defect-free Clear and Select grades ideal for furniture manufacturing, to Industrial and Crating grades for component, box and pallet-type applications. Standard in-house specifications are applied to accommodate customer requirements. Products are produced mostly in nominal dimensions of 25mm thickness and lengths of 3.0m and shorter.

  • CL – Clear grade (no knots or defects)
  • SE – Select or Semi-clear grade
  • DL – Industrial grade (tight-knot with limited defects)
  • CR – Crating grade

Buying Lumber from SAFCOL

SAFCOL sells lumber on an ex-mill basis from its processing operations.

Freqently Asked Questions

Anyone can buy lumber from SAFCOL either as a private individual or a formal business.

Cash upfront (preferable EFT) or credit terms on approval

Anyone wanting to purchase lumber from SAFCOL needs to complete and submit a CID (Customer Information Document) if buying cash or a Credit Application (CA) in order to apply for credit terms

Any volume from single pieces to full super-link truck loads can be purchased

Lumber is sold on an ex-mill basis for collection by customer at mill. Assistance with arrangements for lumber delivery is possible for truckloads of around 60m3

This dependent on stock availability for the volume and type of product ordered (grade and dimensions)

The National Building Regulations requires the use of grade 5 or grade 7 structural lumber in roof trusses

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